Ken Blakey

As a professional cinematographer Ken Blakey has produced a prolific volume of work in the motion picture industry with over 100 films to his credit, two of which, were recognized by the Motion Picture Academy. He has been widely published nationally as a  commercial & fine art photographer with award winning exhibitions including ‘Blue Ribbon‘ honors at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Monterey, CA for his landscape work.  Ken has composed and recorded two albums of music, “Space Beach” and “Veil of Fears”, and has recently completed a third compilation entitled “Shandoway Richochet”. He and his band played his composition “Logarhythm” as a multimedia performance piece for two sold out nights at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.  Today, when not on location, 
he continues work on his autobiography, “The Poor Boy’s Lament”.  Ken’s odyssey chronicles his roots in the Deep South, into the underground world of San Francisco, through a life on the road, the entertainment industry in L.A., and back again.  Ken’s work on Warner Bros. “The 4th Tenor” and SyFy Channel’s  premier movie “Mandrake” have been featured in Kodak Films “INCAMERA” Magazine.